Ceremony & Reception.



We have found the perfect venue to say our vows and begin the first day of our forever.  Save-the-Dates and formal invitations coming soon!

As a heads up, with both of our family and friends being so spread out along the East Coast, we will be married at the center point, in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina.

dress code. 

We ask that you and your party dress in formal attire for our wedding. This will help our production team easily distinguish our guests from the general public that will be around our venue. (But make sure you bring your dancing shoes for a good time!)

Elias's Greek Traditions. 

Throughout the wedding experience we will be incorporating some very traditional Greek elements.  A fun one to start: it's an old Greek tradition for guests & musicians to parade the groom through the village right up to the altar! Get ready to cheer on Elias and  psst...hint hint...don't forget to bring your dollar bills for a fun Greek money dance!



This reception will be full of fun, love and some cool surprises!

Please be mindful, although we will have some 21+ beverages, this will not be an open bar event.  We would like the main focus to be on celebrating this beautiful union with those that we hold dear and close to us. 

ashlei's traditions.

The ceremony will be extra special, in that, the rituals will be performed by Ashlei's Godfather. Since moving to North Carolina with her family in 1992, he has helped raise and mentor her, even popped her for discipline! 

"A Greek & A Rose" (the wedding's concept) will be completely DIY, created and designed by Ashlei, with the help of her mother Kim and her MOH Melissa. We hope you enjoy!