no shame in bridal giveaways.

no shame in bridal giveaways.

Let's be honest...weddings are expensive AF.

And unless you (or your parents) have been storing money away for this big day, sometimes the financial side of pulling off a wedding can be daunting. 

For Elias and I, we will be paying for most of the wedding costs; with some help from family as well. And I've gotta say, we're already kinda stressed. (just being honest...)

In any case, after reading a few blogs and wedding articles for tips, I noticed that there are a lot of cool ways to cut cost for our wedding. Many of these tips I will be sure to share along the way. But first, I wanted to share this awesome tip!

Enter into as many bridal/wedding giveaways as possible!

You might be thinking, "huh?" at this point. But trust me. Giveaways are life! And they are the number 1 thing forgotten about when it comes to planning your wedding. Why is that? Because everyone wants your money!

...but like, really. 

Weddings are a BOOMING industry and prices are skyrocket high for just about everything that has the words "bridal" and "wedding" attached to it. The average American wedding costs $25-35K....for a wedding yall.

Entering into bridal giveaways and contests are the easiest and quickest ways to get lucky (no pun intended) and ease the burden of cost for your wedding. And there are giveaways for just about every part of a wedding. From your dress to your groomsmen suits, DJs, lighting and entertainment, floral arrangements, and even honeymoons. 

Most giveaways are tied to social media like Instagram or Facebook since everyone these days are concerned about their online reach and popularity. 

Check out my quick tutorial on how to find these giveaways on Instagram.

Tips when entering:

#1.  Have some good pics of you and your fiance on deck and ready to upload! (A proposal or engagement photo are best for these)

#2. Create a Word doc and write out the story of how you met, how he proposed, and of any wedding plans you already have. (Most contests ask the same questions. Think smarter not harder. Having this already typed up you can simply copy & paste, then adjust things where it needs to be.)

#3. Promote yourself from your social media platforms. Get your fiance involved and even your friends too! (more likes and votes can increase your odds of winning!)

Remember, there's plenty of giveaways to go around for everyone, so don't get discouraged if you don't win right away! Keep entering my dears. May the odds be forever in your favor and your wedding planning go smoothly. Best of luck to us, my brides-to-be! 



don't skip the expos.

don't skip the expos.

how he popped the question.

how he popped the question.