306. making some wedding history.

306. making some wedding history.

After six long months we finally did it yall. We secured and booked the perfect venue for our "a Greek and a Rose" wedding. 

As soon as Elias put a ring on it, I have been hunting for the perfect place to say "I do" to the man of my dreams. And shoo-wee, let me tell you, wedding venues are out of this world pricey. It seemed like either every venue that was in our price range was booked or that the ones I drooled over were insanely over-priced.

And I have to say, Elias was a champ dealing with all my woes over never would-be's; each agonizing rejection email after another. My guess, maybe after the 15th venue to respond with an "uh-ah, it ain't happening" (okay, so I'm paraphrasing it) and me moping about the house like a sad puppy, Elias got a bright idea. 

He was going to search for a venue. 

Now, even he will admit, it was a bit more difficult of a feat than he originally thought it would be! But Elias, the king of "I can find it for a better price," took my vision board list and set off to work.

Some of his first picks were a definite no; I mean, they were completely missing the mark on what I visioned for us. And okay, I'm about to sound basic af...but I wanted something unique and different. Since we had opted out of going the traditional route and having the ceremony at a church, I had remarked how I always dreamed of being married in a beautiful library with lots of windows just like how Carrie from Sex in the City had planned. Elias just gave me the look. No, like he really did...

But then Elias found something that was...well...a bit crazy. I honestly thought he was joking. I think I actually called him crazy. Then I stared at it some more. And the more we looked at photos and the crazier of an idea it become...welp, the more we actually kind of liked it. 

We called the location and even the coordinator thought we were crazy. Funny enough, at first she offered us several other typical "wedding venues" that she had, because obviously we must have been confused when we called her and asked for a building that was nearly 80 years old and had never in its existence had ever hosted a wedding. And what do you know, that made us like it even more! 

Once we had her and the team on board with our vision, it came time to tour it. And oh boy. That's when our ideas really came to life and we both fell in love. We toured with my dad and Elias's parents. They were equally floored. This was it. There wasn't any going back!

Fast forward some paperwork and a fat check (which was only half of our venue budget!) and Elias and I were screaming and celebrating. We finally had our venue. 

The J.S. Dorton Arena, home to North Carolina's State Fair, numerous concerts and events would be hosting its very first wedding ever in its 80 years of history.


Elias and I are head over heels in love with our truly never-before-done venue and can't wait to really turn this blank canvas into the wedding of our dreams. 

The concept, "A Greek and A Rose" (get it? He's the Greek, I'm the Rose? lol), will be a mostly DIY wedding. With the help of Elias, my mother Kim and my Maid of Honor Melissa, I will be designing, creating and building this wedding from the ground up. 

Wedding planning is a lot of work, not to mention when you have a demanding job, but I think if I can tackle this, I can do just about anything. 

Here's to the journey. 306 more days. #happyplanning

~ AE

just a tease.

just a tease.