thank you.


Special thanks goes to...

Elias's Parents: Mihalis & anna

Mihalis & Anna have been so sweet and are beyond excited for their last son to get married. Both, having migrated to the United States from Crete, Greece have dreamed of providing a better life for their children. They love Ashlei dearly and can't wait for her to join the family. 

It is with great joy to include them in the creation of this blended wedding experience. Anna will be helping with many of the traditional Greek elements of "A Greek & A Rose" that will be seen throughout the wedding. 


Thank you Minister Jason Campbell for agreeing to marry us!! It will sure to be a fun and very heartfelt ceremony as my God-father marries us on March 30th, 2019.


Ashlei grew up with a camera forever in her face - one of those perks of having a photographer as a mother -so it's only fitting that this wedding has the best photography possible. 

Elias and Ashlei had a special intimate engagement session with her mother, as well as a city themed engagement photo shoot with the award winning Raleigh photographer Donnell of Donnell Perry Photography.

Ashlei's Parents: Michael & Kimberly

Michael & Kimberly have been praying for the day that their eldest and only daughter would find someone that loves as deeply as she does.  They are excited and love Elias.

They will be helping to host this special day and look forward to making it everything that Ashlei and Elias have dreamed of for their wedding day. 


Ekk... We are still searching for the perfect venue! Wish us good luck. 

friends & family

Beyond the excitement of becoming married, we are giddy over being able to celebrate with our close family and friends. 

Each of you have made such an impressionable impact on our lives over the years and we couldn't imagine anyone else witnessing this union of our love. 

Thank you for all of the love, support, prayers and guidance.